Spain: gazpacho

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Spain: gazpacho

Gazpacho is a traditional Spanish dish with its own history, covered with legends and having as many recipes as autonomous regions in Spain, and perhaps much more! Hot Spanish temperament gave the world the bright red cold soup, which has become a real masterpiece not only of the Spanish cooking.

Homeland gazpacho considered Andalusia and originally consisted of a dish soaked bread, garlic and olive oil. And “author” meals according to legend were muleteers, and the gazpacho was a real camp food cooked literally “from what it was,” and even without fire.

In a large pot, rubbed with crushed garlic, put bread crumbs or crackers, vegetables, olive oil. Then they wrap the pot in wet clothes and left to dry in the sun “until it is ready.”

According to another version it was by “dry rations” Roman legionaries stationed in Andalusia, in the form of a mixture of bread, garlic, salt and olive oil. Spaniards themselves both these legends referred to as “pre-Columbian era,” that is, until the coast of Spain tomatoes, imported by Columbus, who discovered America.

With the advent of the tomato gazpacho in history started literally the Golden Age! While the first versions of gazpacho white and green (with the addition of herbs) were considered food for the poor, the tomato made it a dish worthy of the table of the rich and the nobles. “Tomato” version of gazpacho attributed Huelva and Sierra Morena.

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Today, recipes and ways of preparing gazpacho does not count. And each region is considered the only correct one, and the most delicious your gazpacho. In Cordoba, the soup for added density of corn flour and cream, gazpacho from Jerez different from other raw onion rings, and in Cadiz invented winter version – hot gazpacho!

The most piquant gazpacho called “ajoblanco” served in Granada, Extremadura and Malaga, adding almond flour soup, and feeding him grapes and melons. And I must say that the Spanish chefs and housewives still do not stop there and continue to invent “a gazpacho”, adding to the soup all that comes to mind from the shrimp to the yogurt.

Gazpacho was served even as a dessert, based on fruits and berries, or a cocktail without leaving the classic recipe.

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What are the fundamental differences of basic recipes of this dish? Traditional tomato gazpacho, you most likely have already tried here in the first place are the tomatoes. Green gazpacho made from the leaves of spinach, lettuce, mint and parsley. White gazpacho its silky texture and delicate creamy taste obliged blanched and soaked in almond milk.

East gazpacho bright example of mixing different cultures, thanks to the rice vinegar, noodles lo mein and soy sauce. Gazpacho “salmoreyo” – more than any other is similar to the traditional, but with a tasteful and original way to batch feed.

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In principle, any housewife can invent your gazpacho, but before you take up the experiments, it is worth trying this simple recipe for a light cold soup, which simply can not fail to please. Particularly well in the hot summer days, when do not want no dense and heavy meals.

Summer gazpacho


1 kg of tomatoes (sweet varieties)
1 large cucumber
1 red bell pepper
1 small onion
2 slices white bread
1-2 tablespoons 9% vinegar
1/3 Art. olive oil
1 clove of garlic
Salt and pepper to taste

Cooking method:          

Crush the garlic with a knife and rub their dishes, which will prepare the soup. The aroma of garlic should only be present. All vegetables are cut, removing the skin with cucumber and tomato, and then grind in a blender. Add salt and pepper, cool or add to each dish of finely crushed ice.

Quick, easy, tasty and easy for housewives and for the stomach.

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