Souffle of berries with condensed milk


-Berries 2 cups,
-Water 1stakan,
-Saharny 0.5 cups of sand,
-Zhelatin 1st.lozhka,
0.5 -Sguschennoe milk banks.


The berries fill with water (0.5 cups!), Boil. Soak gelatin in remaining water until the swelling.
Clean the berries through a sieve. Add the hot sauce sugar, stir properly.
The swollen gelatin warm up on low heat until crystals dissolve. We connect with berry puree.
Put the puree in a container with cold water to cool down completely and stir it with a mixer at low speed until a stable foam.
Pour a thin stream of condensed milk and whisk again. Spread on the cups and give cool.

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