Soft polenta with mushrooms

Soft polenta with mushrooms.

мягкая полента


-polenta flour 500g
-mushrooms 300g
-Montasio cheese 150g
-milk 200g
-butter 30g
-Meca Wheat 30 oz
-1 clove garlic
-1 small bunch parsley
-olive oil 3 tablespoons

Cooking process:

Prepare polenta, stirring occasionally for 40 minutes. Fry the garlic in olive oil, add the chopped parsley, then add the mushrooms, cut into large plates. Lightly fry and remove from heat (If you use white mushrooms can be served raw)

Separately, prepare the cheese sauce of butter, flour, milk and cheese Montasio, cut into pieces. Rasopit butter, mix with flour, add milk and then pour the cheese.

On the a la carte dish lay the polenta and then pour the cheese sauce, top with fried mushrooms and serve immediately

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