Snack roll “Tiger”

Snack roll “Tiger”.

-4 eggs
-2 tbsp flour
-2 st.l.krahmala
-100 gr.mayoneza
-salt pepper
-greens (I have 25 grams: frozen)
-100g, olives
-100maslo seq. (I-cream cheese with fish) can almette, Philadelphia
-250-300 Cutting red fish (I have 200+ 100g trout, red caviar)

Cooking method: 
Mix the eggs with the flour; starch; mayonnaise, salt, pepper
A little dough mixed with herbs
Cover the pan baking paper and pour the rest of the dough on a baking sheet (I was 24 to 34 cm., If you have more, click Add another egg)
Put a teaspoon of the mixture with herbs
Cut olives put them on the dough
Bake 7-10 minutes at 180-200 * C
With baking the dough ready to overturn on paper – will top the lower side (the side with the olives will be lower).
Coat the cheese.
Next, lay the eggs …
fish fillets, sprinkle with lemon
Wrap roll in refrigerate for 2 hours.

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