Snack “peacock’s tail”

Snack “peacock’s tail”.


-Eggplant – two pieces
-Cucumber (1 large and 2 small) – three pieces
-Tomato – two pieces
-Egg quail – 8-10 pieces
-Olives – 10-15 pieces
-Vegetable oil (0.5 stack. Sauce 0.5 stack. For frying) – 1 stack.
-Milk (for the sauce) – 1/4 stack.
-Mustard (for sauce) – one teaspoon
-Vinegar (apple sauce) – one teaspoon
-Sugar (for the sauce) – one teaspoon
-Salt (sauce) – 0.5 teaspoons
-Cheese (Russian sauce) – 100 grams
-Garlic – 5 tooth.

Cooking method:

Eggplant wash and thinly cut almost diagonally – ovalchikami.
Eggplant slices generously salt and leave for 10 minutes so they released bitterness.
While the eggplant release bitterness, cook garlic and cheese sauce. To do this, mix a quarter cup of milk and half a cup of vegetable oil, salt, sugar, mustard, apple cider vinegar. One condition. Milk should be a little warmer, the temperature of the body.
In a glass omit the immersion blender and stir a few seconds. It turns out the consistency of mayonnaise.
Then throw in the garlic sauce and cheese. Again blender.
It turns out that’s so thick garlic cheese sauce.
When the eggplant juice will start up, rinse them with salt and fry in vegetable oil.
On top we put garlic cheese sauce.
He put on a thin ovalchik cucumber. On a large slice of eggplant – large cucumber, on a little – a little.
Top half the slices of tomato.
We spread the feathers of vegetables in the form of a peacock’s tail. It is advisable to take the oval dish. On top of each slice of a feather put boiled quail eggs and half the olives. Decorate with fresh herbs and olives rings.

Bon Appetit!

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