Smells, ASSIST cure diseases.

1. Sage

The healing properties of sage have been known to people in ancient times. While this plant has just been the most common in the Mediterranean region and Central Asia. It was believed that it has antiseptic properties and helps with cramps. A recent survey in 2013 only confirmed what the ancient. The smell of sage and drink not only help women to cope with typical abdominal pain, and relieve stress and improve memory. According to researchers, it is a powerful antioxidant that helps cleanse the body and prevents the development of unstable molecules – free radicals that accelerate aging and cause cancer. But do not forget the main medical wisdom “that can benefit in other conditions can cause harm.” In other words, it is necessary to comply with the measure. Salvia as other aromatic, should be applied in doses of 15 to 60 minutes per day. But no more, otherwise it will cause the opposite effect. Doctors also do not recommend the smell of sage pregnant women – for their body, it is dangerous and could ruin their breast milk.

2. Peppermint

But peppermint learned to use in ancient Egypt, where the production of essential oils is at a high level. Mint leaves have been found in the pyramids, dating back to 1000 BC. Today, numerous studies have shown that peppermint oil relieves pain in irritable bowel syndrome, helps with gastro-intestinal disorders and reduces inflammation of tuberculosis. According to a scientific paper published in the journal «Ailment Pharmacology» from 2000, a mixture of 90 mg of peppermint oil and 50 mg of caraway oil, with regular use, has led to significant improvements in patients suffering from functional dispersion. But healthy people peppermint oil helps to cope with stress and, according to the study doctors at Boston University, to improve memory.


But the smell of oil and orange can make you a present “gurus” stress. No wonder it is constantly used in massage. It contains a special ingredient linalool, which reduces stress and calms the nervous and cardiovascular system. Thanks to him, citrus scents used as a remedy for headaches. Paradoxically, but orange essence helps even in acute intestinal disease – Salmonellosis. This shows a study published in the journal «Journal of food science» from 2008. In their opinion, the orange oil prevents the growth of bacteria Salmonella and is an excellent antiseptic. He has only one drawback – it is a strong allergen. Therefore, experts advise, in any case, before the external application of orange oil to dilute the other essence.


If you do not care enough or meeting, it will help solve these problems cinnamon. This is especially useful for drivers who after inhaling the cinnamon smell better calm down and concentrate. This was stated by researchers from Uilingskogo Jesuit university in the United States. They also added that in the presence of the smell of cinnamon accelerates the reaction of the people and improved motor skills. According to scientists, this observation in the future will help to prevent the development of disease Altsgemera. In addition to toning qualities, cinnamon is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. For example, the smell of cinnamon is able to relieve headaches caused by the common cold, as well as to facilitate her first symptoms.

5. Lavender

Everyone knows that Lavender helps to cope with anxiety, insomnia and depression. But not everyone knows that lavender oil promotes hair growth. Scientists from the research center «The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database» argue that lavender is effective in alopecia areata, when a person loses hair on a narrow area of ​​the body. Due to its slightly intoxicating qualities, lavender can be used as a remedy for pain. This was reported by researchers from the Medical University of Isfahan. They tried to reduce pain in children after tolzillektomii (removal of almonds). As a result, children are constantly inhaling the scent of lavender, felt less pain than other patients. And lavender oil is able to heal wounds. If you mix it with iodine, the wound will be tightened faster.

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