simple dessert “Chocolate in the test”


puff pastry
chocolate bars
1 egg
chopped nuts

Bedding on the working surface of the paper for baking, and on it – puff pastry. Put the chocolate bar exactly in the middle of puff formation, as shown in the picture. Now, make test cuts on a width of about 2 cm. Start from chocolate bars to test the edge notching a little oblique. Knife for pizza making it the most convenient, but also turn an ordinary knife.
Make the same cuts on the other side. Now, start to fold the resulting incised part of the test on a bar of chocolate-wise cross braiding “pigtail”. The remaining test thoroughly, but gently close the ends of the “puff” on both sides. Evenly smazh resulting egg patty. Now sprinkle nuts puff, if you are, of course, love. When finished, place a puff in a preheated 200 degree oven. After 20-25 minutes of your masterpiece is ready!




Bon Appetit!

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