Sillabab (whipped cream with alcohol) with almond biscuits

Sillabab (whipped cream with alcohol) with almond biscuits

This is a truly Italian-English hybrid: sillabab – full English menu, though the liquor makes him Italian. Crumbled Amaretti cookies makes it look like Trifle of impregnated biscuit and soft cream.

Very tasty, and the cooking takes literally minutes. This dessert you can put on the table, not only for the holiday, as always, when you want to finish the dinner with pleasure.


-1/3 cup amaretto liqueur
-2 tbsp. l sugar
-1 tbsp. l. lemon juice
-1 tbsp. whipping cream
-1 pack. (225 gr.) Amaretti biscuits (soft almond macaroon)

1.In a bowl, pour Amaretto, add the sugar, lemon juice and mix.

Pour in the heavy cream and whisk the mixture until it thickens, it becomes soft and lush.
2. In each of the 4 cups crumble 2 amaretti cookies (they should take about 2/3 cup).

On top of cookies lay the glasses sillabab.

3. Crumble another 1 – 2 biscuits and sprinkle with these golden crumbs dessert surface. Serve with remaining cookies.

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