Shrimps with avocado sauce

Shrimps, avocado, sauce

Shrimps with avocado sauce.

The recipe is very simple to prepare, you will need 5 minutes and a good blender. In Mexico it is called guacamole from Ahuacatl = «avocado» + molli = «sauce»
There are many options for making this sauce, which differ in a variety of ingredients, as well as the degree of grinding components. You can grind ingredients in a blender or conventional fork.


Recipe and cooking – Serves 4

ripe avocado – 2 pieces
2 medium tomatoes
2 tbsp. tablespoons olive oil
1 tbsp. Spoon chili sauce
2 tbsp. tablespoon of lemon juice or lime
pepper, salt and coriander to taste
lettuce leaves to decorate
500 gr. boiled shrimp, size 24 \ 31

Clear ripe avocado from the skin, molecular weight should be cleaned very easily, remove the bone. Cut the avocado into 4 pieces, put in a blender. Add these ingredients in the recipe. The pulp of fresh avocado (peeled and stone are not used) is ground with the addition of lemon juice or lime juice, and salt to taste.
Grind. Shrimp Boil and clear.


The sauce is ready and can be served with prawns and garnish with lettuce leaves

On a plate lay washed and dried with a paper towel kitchen lettuce. Then lay out peeled shrimp. Add the sauce on top of the avocado.


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