Shrimp in a creamy sauce

Shrimp in a creamy sauce.


Shrimps (tiger), 500 g;
Herbs to taste;
Garlic 1 clove;
Parsley beam;
Chili 1 pc;
Olive oil 5 tbsp .;
Butter 100g;
Lime juice 1 pc;
Salt to taste;
White pepper to taste;


1.Time preparation – 10 minutes
2.Rastopite butter in olive. Once warmed up, put back finely chopped chili pepper, herbs (no need to cut), finely chopped garlic. Following immediately to lay the shrimp, pour the juice of one lime. Broil 3 minutes, season with salt and pepper.
3.Perevernite, sprinkle with parsley. Broil 2 minutes and turn off the heat. Shrimp are ready.

кревет в слив соусе

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