wheat sprouts

Substances contained in it, strengthens the immune system and provide us with energy, cleanse the liver, kidneys, bladder, intestines; help relieve swelling, heal wounds and ulcers; improve skin and hair condition.
wheat sprouts clean our bodies from years of “rubble”, but this requires use of at least one year. Relatively rapid changes occur with hair: they look better than after consuming the expensive shampoos and masks.
wheat sprouts provide prevention of dental caries, cancer, increase the tone of the body, soothe the nerves and improve sleep.

oat sprouts

Sprouts of oats is very efficacious in many serious health problems: tuberculosis, kidney disease, liver and gallbladder, hepatitis, thyroid diseases. With their help, you can quickly recover from injuries and long-term illness: they restore the immune system, strengthen muscles, normalize the stomach and intestines and update the composition of the blood. The latter property is very effective for the prevention of blood clots and the development of such dangerous diseases such as thrombosis.

bean sprouts

Bean sprouts have diuretic, anti-inflammatory and astringent effect, help heal wounds, improve skin condition and complexion; germinated pea is useful for those who want to lose weight – in it is low in calories, but it saturates well.
Typically, germinated chickpeas, the so-called garbanzo beans, in which a lot of vitamins A, C, group B; there manganese, silicon, iron, barium, potassium and calcium; a lot of fiber, carbohydrates, high quality proteins and amino acids.

barley sprouts

Very valuable barley sprouts – they increase endurance and lead to normal acid-alkaline balance. Their properties are explained healing activity they contain vitamins B12, A and C, provitamin A, zinc, copper, manganese and iron.

germinated rye

Germinated rye helps the body to actively resist microbes and viruses, improves the excretion of sputum for respiratory diseases, normalizes blood glucose level in the blood, removes toxins and radionuclides, prevents the development of atherosclerosis and premature aging.

pumpkin sprouts

Men, particularly after age 40, pumpkin seedlings are very useful because they are rich in zinc, and help maintain the health of the prostate. They also have a beneficial effect on the brain, genitourinary system, supply the body with quality fats and proteins, vitamins – C, E, B group; minerals – iron, phosphorus, magnesium, cobalt, copper.

lentil sprouts

Lentil contains many high-quality protein, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, copper; vitamin F, E and B group vitamin C its seedlings than in any other products, because in the process of seed germination strongly increases its content – 600 times.
Adults and children are anemic and prone to frequent bleeding, colds, bronchitis, tonsillitis and pneumonia lentil sprouts are especially useful.

sprouts thistle

Milk thistle is known as a plant that restores and revitalizes the liver cells. In it sprouts contain flavonoids – highly active substances that protect our cells; trace elements, the main ones are selenium and zinc; vitamins A, E, F, K, D. Their use improves the formation and excretion of bile, protects the liver from toxins and infections. Sprouts thistle helps in treating many liver diseases – both acute and chronic; allergies, colitis, hemorrhoids; reduce inflammation in the gall bladder and spleen, help dissolve and bring the stones.


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