Secrets of the mirror glaze

Secrets of the mirror glaze.


300 g glucose
300 g of sugar
150 g water
200 g of condensed milk
300 g of chocolate (white, milk or dark)
20 g of gelatin

Soak gelatine in cold water. Sugar, glucose, water bring to the boil. Pour in the condensed milk, chocolate, pressed soaked gelatin. Add the dye. Fight hand mikserom.Ostavte frosting in the refrigerator overnight. Preheat use at 35 C.

Advantages of the recipe:

– Appearance, stunning glyadets
– Cake with frosting can be frozen
– Icing easily colored water-based paints
– Not made from complex products
– Applicable to all kinds of frozen cakes

The great advantage of this recipe that icing may be frozen. When applied to the cake on the surface of the glaze was condensate icing is likely to wrinkle when left cake in a refrigerator overnight.

Disadvantages recipe

– Icing is very sweet and can reach for a knife when cutting – the cake is cut when he was still very cold, warm knife. Or freeze.
– It is very difficult to remove the cake and not reflected in it. The glaze is really the mirror)

Difficulties in the preparation of the glaze, how to solve them

The main difficulty – the appearance of bubbles on the surface. How to deal with them? When you have filled garjachego water, sugar, glucose, chocolate, condensed milk and gelatine you punch them a blender, add dyes. Put your hand mixer at an angle so as to obtain addictive puziri Wave rim. Make sure that your hand mixer did not create foam. Cover the frosting film. Keep cold until tomorrow. When icing stand up, remove the tape. If you had a lot of bubbles, remove the top foam. Warm icing to 35 C. The glaze is now possible to break, you will feel that now it sklonost generate foam which is lower than when it was very fresh. At the same time follow the tilt of your hand mixer – avoid bubbles.

If icing is very thick at 35 C, in which case add syrup 1: 1. When you prepare the glaze next time, remove it from the heat when boiling.

The ideal surface

To glaze evenly distributed, it must be put on a completely flat surface. Such a surface is obtained due to freezing.

If you collect the cake in the ring, he put the ring sides tape for cakes. After freezing the ring easy to take out of shape due to this tape. When you remove it from the well-iced cake board will be mirrored. Walk warm wrist on the sharp top edge of the cake – it will look softer, with no sharp edges, and the glaze will be easier to drain.

Condensate – something that should be avoided. Because before you get a cake from frost, prepare your workplace:

· The glaze in the tank desired temperature – 35 C-38 C.
· Spatula neck to remove excess glaze
· The grid, which is in the tank, which will drain the excess glaze

Staining glaze

Since in our recipe water is present, water soluble dyes have what is dissolved. For staining use mostly water soluble paints.
For a pearlescent effect, I add to the glaze gold powder. For the same recipe and sometimes use more expensive soluble dyes is that they provide special brightness shades. White – specific dye, which is soluble in water and chocolate.
To get the color and shade of the table I use color mixing. Glaze lavender I got by mixing white, pink and blue.

On glaze white glaze, I dealt purple. Both glazes when applied have a temperature of about 35 C.

Before you apply the pattern, leave the cake covered for 5-10 minutes in the freezer and then paint over the surface safely.
Elegantly looks small number of strokes that color on the main. When a lot of strokes, “Japanese” style and the value of each line is extinguished with more of them. Because moderate use.

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    When I glaze the cake .. do I put it into the fridge for the next day or leave it out? How long does it take for the glaze to set up/ harden? does it even harden ? Can you tell this is my first time 🙂

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