Secrets of a banana skin — than it is useful

Do not rush to throw a banana peel!

Did you know that bananas contain beneficial properties not only in his sweet flesh? No less useful and can be bright yellow peel:

1. whiten teeth. Take a banana peel that something like the caps. Put it in your mouth, so that the inside of the skin in contact with the outer side of the teeth. Leave for 2-3 minutes. Then brush your teeth regular toothpaste. The procedure was repeated throughout the week.

2. TREAT minor burns. Attach a piece of banana peel on the affected area and secure the bandage or plaster. Change the bandage 2-3 times a day, putting fresh peel. This will calm the pain and speed healing.

3. Remove the splinter. If the splinter is too small and can not get it, put on this place a piece of skin inside and pribintuyte. After one day, remove the bandage and remove a splinter, which by the time the «advance» to the surface.

4. remove warts. The principle of using the same as in the case with splinters. But the time to fight the wart will need more. Apply «banana packs» at night for several weeks, and possibly months. The wart will disappear and soften.

5. clean the face of acne. Clean the affected skin inside of a banana skin twice a day — morning and evening. After 15-20 minutes, rinse with water and apply moisturizer.

6. Clean SILVER. Grind in a blender fresh ripe banana peel. The resulting mush apply on silver objects and rub with a soft cloth. When the product shine, rinse them under running water and dry.

7. CLEAN SHOES. To do this, you just need to wipe the inside of the skin boots, and then wipe dry with a soft cloth.

8. Fertilize houseplants. Slice the banana peel into small pieces and transplanting plants, add a little of each pot, mix it with soil. Peregnivaya, the pieces turn into fertilizer and saturate the soil nutrients.

9. Wipe LEAVES houseplants. The inner side of a banana skin, wipe the dusty leaves. This will give them a natural shine and create an invisible film that repels new contamination.

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