Secrets and Tricks to prepare “macaroon”

Secrets and Tricks to prepare “macaroon”

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1. Eggs:
Eggs are not measured at the piece, and in grams. If you cook “pasta” in a small amount (about 30-40 medium sized pasta), the weight of the protein must exactly match the desired quantity in grams.

If you privysili total weight of 5 grams of protein, the recipe changes and the dough will turn out completely different. Deviations within 5 grams permitted above 5 grams – not allowed. Measuring accurately the weight of protein!

About storage of proteins and their use in “pasta”:

Eggs can be divided and separated whites from the yolks per day. Put in an airtight box proteins in the refrigerator. When you decide to do, “pasta”, then remove the proteins from the refrigerator and let it stand so that they priyanyali room temperature. This is very important. Cool whites – do not use!

Pinch of salt when vsbitii proteins in the foam:

In many sources it is written that it is necessary to add salt schepochtku when we vsbivaem proteins in the foam. It is believed that a pinch of salt helps lechge vsbitsya proteins in the foam.

It turns out this is not true: if you’re using eggs bought at the store, the freshness of which is from 3 to 6 days, in this case, a pinch of salt will not play any role, but on the contrary, proteins give more water when vsbitii, as they already contained 2 percent moisture, and this moisture content will increase the salt even several times. A pinch of salt is used only when you absolutely fresh eggs, that is, that up to 3 days. In this case, a whisper of salt actually helps better vsbitsya proteins in the foam.

On the density of the proteins in the foam vsbityh:

as shown by kulinaryny lesson to vsbit proteins in the foam combiner, it took 8-9 minutes. How to determine your vsbilis whites into a thick foam, Take whisk that vsbival proteins, and if the foam it is not falling down, it means you’ve got a thick foam. If not, continue vsbivat proteins a couple of minutes.
To smooth the “tails” on makarons, lift the pan and easy to hit it on the surface of a table covered with a kitchen towel

Sugar and almond powder:
it is important to them through a sieve, so that the pieces of well-sifted ground almonds. We need air and without lumps of dough.

oven should be preheated to 160-170 g, no more, and bake for 10-12 minutes.

How to check that your “pasta” baked:

Of course, it will increase in volume. And when we do we’ll get them to the oven, you need to move them slightly. If they do not stir too much, it means ready. If you see that your “pasta” slightly moving, it means that they are not ready. We send them into the oven for a couple of minutes. We keep track of their pastries. Do not move away from them! Eyes and the eyes of them!

the filling may be different. Nichinku I suggest to you, you can prepare in advance and put in the fridge, covered with cling film so that the film was in contact with the filling. By the way, if you make homemade mayonnaise or Guacamole, it also cover them with cling film, to be firmly in contact with the products themselves, and send in the refrigerator.

Variations on the theme of “stuffing”:
their huge number. If you do not have time to cook the stuffing, take any jam of your choice, such as raspberry or blueberry or chocolate or peanut butter.
The fact, on what to bake “pasta”:
vapekat be on baking paper or silicone. If you are using baking paper, then at each corner of the pan put a drop test, and on top of the paper. For example, your paper will not rise during baking.

How to get a “pasta” when they are baked:
Use a metal spatula. Neat swipe gesture spatula under each “pasta”. Immediately turn the “pasta” on the side of the crust. Make a couple of each “spaghetti.” Then it will be easier to fill their stuffing.

About filling “pasta” stuffed: stuffed fill only one “macaroni”, laid on top of a second “macaroni” without filling them slightly and press down, but very carefully, otherwise we can break the crust “spaghetti”, and it is very fragile.

About storage of “pasta”: such “pasta” can be stored in a sealed box in the refrigerator for 3 days.

We used the chemical dye in the form of powder. It must be very small, the concentration is very high. Operations we explain the difference between the dye in the form of powder and in liquid form. The concentration of the dye in a liquid is not so strong. Therefore, if we use it, we have to add him more to get the desired color. The more we add the liquid dye to the dough than zhidche dough becomes correspondingly changing its structure. The dough becomes less compact and “pasta” can raspolztis baking, and we did not get the most beautiful “pasta”. Therefore, the chief advised to use the dye in the form of powder.

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