White tea is not only a delicious drink, it’s a little medicine. In ancient China, it was served exclusively to the emperor and only used as a remedy.

Due to the minimal processing of tea steaming it keeps the best of their useful properties, it contains large amounts of antioxidants, bioflavonoids and polyphenols, and a powerful tool against the formation of cancer cells. These substances are actively strengthen the immune system and fight colds and stress. The white tea revealed antimicrobial and antiviral effect, it helps to fight against free radicals and aging.

The white tea a lot of fluoride, which retain intact teeth, struggling with the development of caries and tartar. By drinking white tea normalizes blood pressure and improves the function of the heart and blood vessels, reduces the amount of harmful cholesterol. A cup of green tea contains the same amount of vitamins and minerals in a carrot.

Taste and color of the tea, the amount of nutrients in its composition depends on the manner in which the leaves are processed after collection and how they are fermented. White tea – it is minimally processed leaves virtually no fermentation, the leaves are steamed less than a minute, and then dried in the sun. Thus, tea is almost does not lose its medicinal properties.

White teas are very picky, so they are usually treated on the site collection.
The white variety of tea – this is the most delicate, not yet fully blossomed leaves, buds with whitish villous trimmed on the edge, hence the name of the variety. The Chinese call these shoots of tea with white eyelashes, and to obtain a kilogram of this tea must be more than a hundred thousand of these leaflets. They are harvested by hand.

How to distinguish white from green tea:
For storage of white tea imposed the most stringent requirements: tightly closed tin containers that do not allow the penetration of light, humidity and noxious fumes. That’s why it’s expensive – the cost of a kilogram of this tea comes to thousands of dollars or more.

But careless sellers in tea shops trying to pass off as an ordinary white tea and green tea is cheap, so buy white tea is only necessary certified and specialized tea shops.

The tea leaves should be smooth, not allowed them twisting or breaking, they are silvery, with a green tint on top, the color and the bottom sheet with whitish fuzz. From this tea comes grassy or floral scent.

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