Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese

It is not a recipe, but just one of the ways to create a feed omelet sunny mood!


омлет с ветчиной..


🔹 3 eggs
🔹 2 tbsp milk
🔹 ham, cheese, tomatoes (or any other ingredients)
🔹 salt, pepper
🔹 butter


Eggs with whisk milk, salt and pepper to taste. Cut the ingredients for the filling.
In a pan melt a piece of butter, pour 2/3 omletnoy mass.
Add toppings.
Once the omelet lightly browned on one side, lightly pressed, start to fold it into a tube to the middle.
Then move to the center of the folded omelet pan, pour in the remaining mass and bring to the readiness (to the consistency to be able to continue to fold the omelet) .Such a way to obtain a flat omelet!
Ready omelet cut into pieces and just throw.

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