Sandwiches Hamburg-

Sandwiches Hamburg-

• 4 slices of white bread
• 4 slices of boiled sausages
• 4 slices smoked bacon
• vegetable oil 1 tbsp. spoon
• sweet pepper 1 pc.
• vinegar 1 tsp.
• a few feathers green onions
• paprika powder 1 pinch
• lettuce
• black pepper

Cooking method:
A small amount of vegetable oil fry the sausage and bacon. Put on paper towel to remove excess oil.
• Remove the stem and seeds from the peppers, cut into circles and fry in the remaining oil. Then fry the bread until crisp.
• Fried bread out onto a plate, lay on top of lettuce, then layers of fried peppers, bacon and sausage.
• Garnish with green onion sandwiches. Sprinkle with black pepper, paprika and pour vinegar.
• Serve hot sandwiches.

бутепбр по гамбур

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