Sandwich cake with herring and crab sticks

Bread, which is used to make “cakes” with crab sticks, apples and pistachios, can be pre-browned in the toaster. The fillings can be prepared in a wide variety, the main thing – that they are well combined to taste and were contrasting in color.


Ingredients (for 6 people).

Pitted Olives 4 pcs.
Bread for toast slice 6.
Soft cheese cream 100g
Atlantic herring srednesolenaya 2 pcs.
Crab Sticks 200 g
Onion 1 pc.
Apples 1 pc.
Green onions 1 beams.
Pistachios 50 g
Mayonnaise 1 tbsp
Butter, cream 3 tbsp
Pitted Olives 4 pcs.

1. For filling Herring herring, onions and peeled apple finely chop. Prepared foods to mix with mayonnaise.

2. Crab sticks chop, fry in a pan with butter (1 tbsp. L.), And mixed with chopped green onions. Then quickly fry and immediately shift the stuffing in a bowl.

3. 2 slices of bread for toast (no crust) smear herring rolls, 2 slices – crab. Slices connect the top and cover with the remaining slices of bread. The resulting “cakes” smear on three sides with cream cheese. Pistachio chop and sprinkle them lubricated by “cakes”. Put snacks in the fridge for 30 min., Then cut each “cake” into 3 parts, decorate slices of olives and “flowers” made of soft butter.

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