Salmon fillet steamed with olives

Salmon fillets without skin 220g
Olives 40 g
Lemon peel 1 g
Lemon 10 g
Parsley leaves 5 g
Tarragon 5 g
Salt 2 g
Ground black pepper 1 g
Green beans 60 g
Salt 3 g
Vegetable oil

1. From a piece of salmon fillets without skin make it very simple.
2. For the marinade on a small grater we shall rub lemon peel.
3. From the remaining lemon take only the flesh and we shall cut small cubes.
4. Olives and chop finely.
We tarragon remove tough stems, leaves shinkuem.
5. parsley chop finely.
6. Season with salt, pepper, mix everything.
7. Take the salmon net and make cuts – up and down, not up to the end dorezaya somewhere from half a centimeter.
8. slot-laid our mix marinade.
9. We spread a steamer in salmon and green beans.
10. Beans top grease with vegetable oil and add some salt sea salt.
11. 20 minutes Cooking: delicious and fast.

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