Salad with roast duck and beetroot.

beet  1 PC. (100g)
apples  80 g
lemon  0.5 pc.
salad  80 g
duck breast  150 g
olive oil  20 t + 30 t + 30 g
salt  taste
pepper  taste
vegetable juice  5 g
mustard  2 g
lemon juice  10 g + 10 g

1.Beets process, baked in foil in the oven at 150 degrees until tender (about 50 minutes), cool, peel and cut into strips.

2.Season the beets with olive oil (20 g).

3.Cut into julienne green apple, sprinkle with lemon juice.

4.In a bowl put lettuce mix, add the beets.

5.Add sliced ​​apple.

6.Gently mix.

7.Prepare mustard dressing. Squeeze of lemon juice in a bowl.

8.Pour olive oil (30 g), salt.

9.Add the mustard and mix until smooth.

10.Sauce with beetroot juice done similarly, but without mustard, adding beet juice.

11.Duck breast with salt and pepper, brush with olive oil to make a shallow incision on the skin.

12.Fry on a grill or frying pan until tender.

13.Roasted duck breast fillet cut into thin slices and arrange on a plate fan.

14.Nearby lay the salad.

15.Decorate the plate dressing, sprinkle with pepper.

Bon Appetit!

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