Salad with cucumber, radish and ginger.


Radishes St. 200 gr.

Cucumber St. 1 pc. (150 gr.)

Salad mix 50g.

Oil ol. 3 tbsp

Rice vinegar 2 tbsp

Ginger St. 1.5 cm.

0.5 tsp caster sugar

Salt pepper


Wash the vegetables and salad miks.Imbir clean.

Cucumber and radish shred on a grater, or manually.

Ginger rub strips.

Mix the ingredients for the filling (oil, vinegar, icing sugar).

Vegetables, salad mix ginger and out onto a plate, pour the sauce, add salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Let stand in the refrigerator for 40 minutes and can be upotreblyat.

Bon Appetit!


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