Salad “Winter dream”

– Chicken fillet – 250g
– Orange – 2 pieces
– Cucumber – 1 pc
– Broccoli
– Mayonnaise – 50 g

Broccoli florets to disassemble. Separately, cut the legs.
In boiling, well-salted water feet first throw cabbage – they cook for 4 minutes, then blossoms – they will be ready in 2 minutes. Cabbage is taken out of the boiling water. It must be cool.
Cucumber cut into cubes.
Orange cut in half and take out the pulp.
The flesh cut into cubes.
Part of the inflorescence cabbage and cut into smaller legs.
Boiled and cooled down chicken chop.
All products are cut develops in a deep container.
The container add the mayonnaise.
All mix thoroughly.
The resulting mixture farshiruem prepared oranges.
The finished dish garnish with greens and broccoli florets.

салат зимний сон


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