Salad Shoe

Salad Shoe.

– Shrimp – 1 kg
– Crab Meat – 2 packs (200-250 gram)
– Cheese (Russian, Gouda, etc.) – 200 gr.
– Red caviar – 2 tbsp
– Mayonnaise
To obtain a red fish, olives, cheese.

Shrimp Boil, peel. Crab meat cut into cubes, cheese grate, mix, add red caviar and mayonnaise.
Salad itself is laid out in the form of a shoe, then salted fish slice thin strips and surrounded shoe sandpaper can be used for the sole. Soles must be run once, and then to lay the fish, then garnish with olives and cheese.

Enjoy your meal!

сал башмак

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