Salad “Royal coat”

Salad “Royal coat”.

1 layer: boiled potatoes into small cubes
Layer 2: any smoked fish: trout, salmon i.dr
Layer 3: onions or leeks
Layer 4: shrimp
Layer 5: boiled eggs finely chopped
Layer 6: crab sticks
Layer 7: corn from a jar
8 Layer: grated carrots

Each layer of mayonnaise smeared with a mixture of natural and low-fat yogurt (that salad was not much heavy, bold)
amount of food taken depending on the size of the salad, but only by a little.
Salad decorated in different ways, as can be – photo sliced ​​smoked salmon, curl into rosettes, can be shrimp with red caviar, etc, on the sides of finely sliced ​​leeks in rings, or any chopped herbs (dill, onion, parsley).
Bon Appetit!

салат корол шуба

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