SALAD Red Riding Hood

SALAD Red Riding Hood

• Onion,
• Chicken Breast (smoked or grilled)
• boiled potatoes,
• walnuts,
• boiled carrots,
• boiled eggs,
• hard cheese,
• pomegranate seeds for decoration.

Salad laid layers and each greased mayonnaise:
1 layer — onions, cut into cubes or p / rings, pour over boiling water to remove bitterness;
2 layer — potatoes, cut into cubes;
3 layer — chopped chicken breast;
4 layer — walnuts (finely grate or crush in a blender);
5 layer — carrots, cut into cubes;
6 layer — eggs rubbed on a coarse grater;
7 layer — hard cheese, rub on a grater.
Top the salad with pomegranate seeds to decorate.

салат красная шапо

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