Salad of lettuce & smoked trout


80 g Corn salad Belaya Dacha
250 g smoked trout
2 medium cucumber
watercress for decoration
a few drops of red pepper sauce Tabasco

For the filling:

125 ml natural yoghurt
1 medium cucumber
1.4 h. L. drops of red pepper sauce Tabasco
juice of half a lemon

Step 1 Peel cucumbers and cut into thin slices.
Step 2 Remove the skin from the trout fillets, disassemble into small pieces, remove seeds.
Step 3 Prepare the filling. Clean and chop the cucumber in a blender to a smooth puree. Add yogurt, red pepper Tabasco sauce, lemon juice and a pinch of salt, whisk well.
Step 4 Place the corn in a dish, add the cucumbers, and the fish, mix gently. Pour salad dressing, if desired, pour a few drops of red pepper sauce Tabasco and garnish with watercress leaves.

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