Salad of cabbage with chicken and egg pancakes

-Yaytsa – 2 pieces
-Moloko – 2 tbsp
-Kurinaya Breast – 1 piece (~ 200 g)
-Belokochannaya Cabbage – 300 gr
-Ukrop – 2-3 sprigs
-Mayonez Salt

Boil chicken breasts, so she can use the left soft etimretseptom.

The eggs are mixed with milk and lightly oiled frying pan thin pancakes. Depending on the size of the pan should have 2-4 pancakes.

Cabbage finely chop enough and well-mash, so she started giving juice.

Chilled chicken breast to make out a sufficiently large fiber.

Egg rolls cut into strips width of about a centimeter.

Dill is good chop.
Combine all the ingredients, leaving a bit of greenery and Egg rolls for decoration.

Add desired amount of dressing of mayonnaise and mix.
Before serving, spread out in portions of salad plates and garnish with dill and strips of pancakes.

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