Salad “Neptun”

Salad “Neptun”

• -krevetki-300g
• -kalmary-300g
• -krabovye sticks, 200 gr
• -5 eggs
• -130 m. red caviar
• -mayonez

1.Otvarivaem eggs, cool, separate the white from the yolk, cut into protein.

2.Zheltok can leave for decoration.

3.Varim shrimp in lightly salted water.

I chose the shrimp melenkie, so you do not cut them.

4. Then throw into boiling water, pre-cut into rings, calamari.

Most importantly, do not digest them, or are obtained by rubber!

5.Narezaem crab sticks.

6. Now add a couple of tablespoons of mayonnaise, stir, and then add the caviar (not burst).

7.Sol-pepper, to taste, but I advise you to salt after mixing just because eggs and mayonnaise can provide enough salt.

салаты с краб палочк.6jpeg

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