SALAD Intrigue and Love

SALAD Intrigue and Love

● boiled beef
● onions
● mayonnaise.
● canned red kidney beans
● pickles
● potatoes
● tomatoes
● olives

All ingredients lettuce cut into cubes and stacked layers, into a suitable container:
1st layer – boiled beef and top – mayonnaise.
2nd layer – onions and mayonnaise.
3rd layer – canned red beans (dry) and mayonnaise.
4th layer – the pickles and mayonnaise.
5-th layer – boiled potatoes and mayonnaise.
6th layer – tomatoes, diced, and olives (olives cut, put in the form of heart)
Layers desirable to press down lightly to each other as the filling of the split form. Now we send our “Love” from “perfidy”; Refrigerate for a few hours … and you can treat yourself.

салат коварство и любовь

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