Salad with grapes and smoked CHICKEN

Salad with grapes and smoked CHICKEN


– 1 smoked chicken thigh (in principle, not very important, which is part of tender chicken body – can Chrudim, can lower leg – but then two!)
– A handful of green grapes
– A handful of black grapes
– Half cans of beans
– Beam arugula
– Red onion to taste (I have left a quarter)
– Bank (125ml) plain yogurt
– Lemon juice thirds
– A pinch of smoked paprika (you can just paprika)

Cooking method:   

Wash and dry the salad, the chicken into pieces (removing bones), beans from the can in a colander, rinse, dry, the grapes in half and remove kostochki.Luk- small cubes.

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All mix and shift very nice in a salad bowl, plate, bowl. The yogurt squeeze the lemon juice, add the paprika, stir and season salad.
Bon Appetit!

сала с вин и кур

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