Salad from liver

Salad from liver

A simple salad, but very satisfying.
You will need:
• Mushrooms, fresh or canned
• cucumber
• beef or pork liver
• Any hard cheese
• garlic or chili or mustard – who Acute
• salt, mayonnaise

Cooking method:
1.Griby (fresh or canned), chop finely and fry until cooked.
2.Svezhy cucumber cut small strips.
3.Predvaritelno ostuzhennoy cooked and liver (beef or pork) also cut into thin strips.
4.Mramorny cheese (can be any hard cheese), rub on a coarse grater.
5.Smeshivaem ingredients, a little salt, dressed with mayonnaise. You can add to taste – garlic or chili or mustard, then it will be witty.



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