SALAD Cullen

SALAD Cullen

● Shrimp – 200 grams
● Crab sticks – 100g
● Carrots – 1 Each
● Egg – 5 pieces
● Cucumber – 1 Each
● Cheese toast – 6 pieces
● Mayonnaise – 150 grams
● Green – 10 grams
● The salt – 1 pinch
● pepper – 1 pinch

The recipe salad “Calla” is actually very simple.
1. To start you need to boil the shrimp in lightly salted water (you can add the bay leaf and allspice for flavor) and put to boil eggs.
2. In the meantime, you can cut into small cubes of crab sticks.
3. Cucumber wash and dry. Cut into cubes.
4. Prepared shrimp slightly cool and clean.
5. From carrots to cut two-thirds and grate on medium grater.
6 hard-boiled eggs to cool and clean. Separate the white from the yolk. Proteins dice.
7. In the salad bowl put grated carrots, eggs, shrimp and crab sticks, cucumbers. Add mayonnaise. Salt and pepper to taste.
8. On a flat plate put the salad, smooth.
9. yolks and mash with a fork to put the top layer.
10. Cheese toast divided into four parts. Deferred slice carrots cut into small wedges.
11. On top of salad spread slices of cheese wrapped envelope. Within each put a piece of carrot. Garnish the salad with fresh herbs.
Extraordinarily beautiful and very tasty salad “Callas” in the home is ready for submission.

салат калы

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