Salad «Christmas» with radish and shrimp.


Daikon — 1 pc very long

Cucumber — 1 pc

Boiled shrimps — 150-200 gr

Bulgarian pepper — 1 pc

Green garlic half beam (can be replaced by green onions)

Sour cream — 3 tbsp

Mustard — 1 tsp



1. Peel the radishes, cut into cubes, cut out the middle of a spoon. Boil in salted water formulations 3-4-5-6 radish minutes (depending on the size of the form). Radishes should be soft, but slightly crunchy.

2. Cool under running cold water and wipe dry.

3. Clean the cucumber peel and seeds and chop finely. Green garlic wash, dry and chop. Remains radish finely chop.

4. Bulgarian pepper Grate (length) of the cut in a salad, and some leave for decoration.

5. Shrimp chop finely. Mix sour cream with mustard and salt.

6. Mix in deep dishes all prepared ingredients for the salad, season with mustard cream and fill the cubes and garnish with pepper.

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