Salad “Carmen”

Salad “Carmen”

Surprise your guests with original, delicious and hearty chicken salad, ham and tomatoes.
The taste of cold dishes perfectly complement the rye-wheat toast and spicy mayonnaise sauce.



-200 G chicken fillet,
-150 Grams of ham,
-Two small tomatoes,
-2 Garlic cloves,
and -mayonez


1.File, tomato, a few slices of rye-wheat bread and ham cut into cubes of equal size.

2.Kuritsu fry in vegetable oil until golden brown.

3.Gotovoe meat spread on a plate and a little salt, and fry in a pan ham.

4.Porezanny bread, spread on a baking sheet, lightly sprinkled with butter and dried in the oven at 250 degrees.

5. For the sauce, mix 200g of mayonnaise with a teaspoon adzhika and add a few cloves of garlic extruded. All mix thoroughly and proceed to the installation of lettuce.

6. In the bowl lay the first layer of roasted, then part of the tomatoes and fried bacon on top and generously coat with sauce. Over filling laid the remaining tomatoes.

7.Pered serving, sprinkle on top of salad croutons.

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