For baskets:
• round rolls 3 pcs,
• salty breadsticks: 1 pack,
• boiled sausage: 3 slices (you can do without it)
• green onion: big bunch of (preferably with feathers authenticity)

For the salad:
• Boiled potatoes: 4 pcs,
• Fresh cucumber 1 large,
• Boiled chicken fillet: 1 piece,
• Large green apple: 1 piece,
• Boiled carrots: 1 pc,
• Boiled Eggs: 4 pcs,
• Green peas 1 bank
• Dill and chives
• mayonnaise to taste.
Salad is very tasty, similar to the “Olivier”, but a little different flavor, although the “Olivier”, too, all prepared in different ways. Well and baskets stuffed with onion – it is very beautiful and festive. Serves salads on a table in a basket, like you can surprise your guests.

Cooking method:
1.Salat baskets can be prepared for any who will flow.
2.Narezaem diced boiled carrots, potatoes, eggs, chicken.
3.Narezaem greens, diced peeled cucumber and green apple.
4.Dobavlyaem green peas.
5.Mayonez add to taste.
6.Vsё mix well.

Making baskets:
1.Srezaem with tops of buns.
2. From sausage cut out shaybochki little smaller diameter than the rolls.
3.Po edges rolls salty paste sticks around 10-12 pieces.
4.Dalee take the green onions and begin twisting it between strips staggered. So pletёm to the top, adding more and more feathers bow.
5.The bottom of the baskets we place the finished sausage and fill baskets favorite salad.
Bon appetit and festive mood!

салат корз с нач1 салат корз с нач3

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