Salad bacon, lettuce and tomato.

Salad bacon, lettuce and tomato.

To prepare the salad, we need:
• lettuce,
• bacon,
• Cherry tomatoes,
• crackers,
• green onion,
• yogurt,
• Apple vinegar,
• freshly ground pepper.

Cooking method:

1. For the sauce, mix the yogurt, apple cider vinegar and freshly ground pepper.
2. Onions cut into rings.
3. tear salad in a bowl.
4. Tomatoes cut in half.
5. The bacon cut into small pieces.
6. Mix the lettuce, tomatoes, onions and croutons. Refill sauce.
7. Fry the bacon in a dry pan until crisp condition. We spread the bacon on paper towel.
8.Sprinkle the salad with warm bacon.

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Bon Appetit!

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