Salad “Anastasia”.

Salad “Anastasia”.



салат анастасия

boiled ham – 300 g
• Chicken (breast boiled) – 1 piece
• Cabbage (small kochanchiki) – 1 piece
• Carrots in Korean – 200 g
• Mayonnaise – 100g
• Nuts – 1 handful
• Egg rolls – whisk 3 eggs with a little milk and flour. Fry 2 pancake.


1.Pekinskuyu shinkuem cabbage, put in a salad bowl.
2.Vetchinu cut long stripes.
Chicken and ham cut into strips.
3.Yaichnye pancakes cut into strips. Nuts grind.
All the ingredients mix and dressed with mayonnaise.
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