Saganaki shrimp.

Saganaki shrimp.

Saganaki – the common name of Greek dishes, which are based on grilled cheese. Today – with shrimp saganaki.

сеганаки 1

– Peeled shrimp (150-200 g)
– Feta (100 g)
– Tomatoes (1-2 pieces)
– Garlic (2 cloves)
– Spices (I had fresh dill and dried oregano)
– A little olive oil.

Cooking method:     

1.Raskalim in a frying pan vegetable / olive oil and add to the pre-cut along the cloves of garlic. Fry for 20-30 seconds and remove the slices from the oil. Aroma stunning!

2.Dobavlyaem shrimp and fry for 2-3 minutes.

3. Now we need to make the tomato sauce, which we simmer shrimp. No tomato paste, use fresh tomatoes. But first we need to get rid of the skin.

4. To make this a cross-section of 10 seconds and omit the tomato in boiling water. Thereafter, peel easily removed. Chopped tomatoes and add to shrimp.

сеганаки 2

5. Added oregano and tormented 5 minutes.

сеганаки 3

6.We cut feta into cubes or just randomly break.

7. In the ceramic mold spread tomato shrimp mass, and on top put slices of cheese.

сеганаки 4

8.Stavim in the oven, preheated to 200-220 degrees for 10 minutes. The cheese should melt and bake. I have it just a little started to melt and do not bake. But saganaki still turned out excellent.

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