Russian rolls appetizer.

Herring under a fur coat turns into a Russian rolls, our excellent snack will please your guests!

image (7)

Potatoes – 6 pcs.
Carrots (cooked) – 2 pcs.
Beetroot (boiled) – 1 pc.
Herring (salted) – 1 pc.
Mayonnaise (optional)
Egg (boiled)
Onions (for decoration)
Dill (for decoration, if desired)


– From potatoes to make mashed potatoes, cool, boiled vegetables cut into thin cubes, add hot milk.

– On the prepared bamboo mat to spread a uniform layer of mashed vegetables and top chopped egg on top to squeeze out a thin strip of mayonnaise, put a strip of herring.

– Tighten using the mat as sushi, slice, top with slices of herring and onions, sprinkle with wine vinegar.

– Make a fragrant sprig of parsley or according to your wishes and fantasies.
Also rolls can be made in different variations.

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image (9) image (10)

image (11)
Bon Appetit!

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