ROYAL Salad with red caviar

– 140 gr. red caviar (1 jar);
– 1 large cucumber;
– 4 eggs;
– 200 gr. peeled shrimp;
– 100 gr. hard cheese;
– 100 gr. mayonnaise;
– Salt to taste.

Cooking method:

Shrimp boil in salted water for 2 minutes. (For the recommended cooking clean drinking water “Silver Dew”). Cook hard-boiled eggs. For the salad needed only proteins.

We use a salad bowl. Put the salad layers. The first layer – grated cheese on a fine grater. Then the shrimp, grated on a coarse grater cucumber, grated on a fine grater egg whites, eggs. Each layer, except for the top, thinly coat with mayonnaise and season with salt.

Post a salad brew for about half an hour. The main enemy of lettuce – insufficient salting, so each layer prosalivayte properly. Grated cucumber let my juice that seeps to the bottom, salad turns juicy and not dry, so a lot of mayonnaise is not required. Top spawn fairly evenly pour from the jar and gently smooth the back of a spoon.

Bon Appetit!

царск сал с красн икр

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