Royal hearts.


salted salmon 1 pack
red caviar banks 0.5
Avocado 1 piece
eggs 3 pieces
crab sticks 1 pack
1 pack of mayonnaise
butter packs 0.5
solpo taste
kunzhutpo taste

Cooking method:
First of all, we boil the eggs, cut into strips of avocado,
crab sticks and salmon, eggs and rub on a coarse grater.

So let’s start:
1st layer – avocado, salt and grease with mayonnaise;
2nd layer – crab sticks, also lubricates mayonnaise;
3rd layer – eggs + mayonnaise;
4th layer – Put the salmon on top and rub butter on a fine grater (to oil well tёrlos before going to rub it in the freezer, place);
5-th layer – sprinkle with sesame seeds and lay eggs.

That’s all you can entertain your guests!



Bon appetite!

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