Rolls of rice pancakes with cottage cheese and banana cream


For the pancakes:

Rice flour – 200 g
Potato starch – 20 g
Sugar – 40 g
Milk – 500 ml
Eggs – 2 pcs.
Butter – 30 g
Vegetable oil – for frying
Salt – a pinch

For filling:

Fat cottage cheese – 200 g
Sour cream – 3 tbsp
Condensed milk – 3 tablespoons
Banana – 2 pcs.

For the sauce:

Sugar – 2 tbsp
Cocoa powder – 2 tablespoons
Sour cream – 2 tbsp
Butter – 30 g


1. In a large bowl, mix the flour, starch, sugar and a pinch of salt
2. Pour the milk and stir
3. Add eggs and melted butter. All whisk.
4. Fry on both sides like normal pancakes
5. For the filling: Mix cottage cheese, sour cream and condensed milk. Spread blin.Mozhno add up 2 or 3 pancakes close as it lapped – get a web of pancakes
6. On the edge of the pancake, which is closer to you to put slices of banana and roll into a tight roll. Cut into pieces.
7. For the sauce: in a dipper mix all ingredients until the sauce warm becomes liquid. Pour over pancakes and serve them.

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