Rolls of omelet, cervelat with ham and arugula

Rolls of omelet, cervelat with ham and arugula

8 eggs
100 g cervelat with ham
50 g soft cream cheese
20 g arugula
60 g butter
salt, freshly ground black pepper

Recipe for cooking
1. Cut small pieces of arugula, sausage – thin small slices. Divide the arugula, sausage and cheese into 4 pieces.
2. Melt a little butter cool. In a large bowl whisk whisk the eggs until smooth, add butter, salt and pepper and whisk again.
3. Well, heat a frying pan with non-stick coating, pour her a quarter of the resulting mixture. Fry over medium heat – eggs must grab, but not dry up – otherwise you will not be able to fold the omelet in the roll.
4. While still an omelet in a pan, put to one side of the omelet stuffing – over a quarter of arugula, cheese and sausage, – turn to roll. Very gently move the loaf from the pan on board.
5. Similarly prepare three rolls. Cut the cooled rolls into pieces the length of 2-2.5 cm and serve


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