Roll “Mimosa”

Roll “Mimosa”.

-1 Packaging sheet of lavash (3 pages)
-250g Mayonnaise
-3 Var. eggs,
-150-200g Cheese
-1 Bank saury,
-green onion.

Arrange each sheet mayonezom.Na lavash.Smazat one-grate egg-cheese on the second, the third-battered fork sayru.Sverhu every leaf sprinkle with onion and dill.
The first sheet roll into rulet.Polozhit to the top of the second sheet and continue svorachivanie.Potom put in the beginning of the third leaf and wrap the roll in the package to kontsa.Ubrat holodilnik.Luchshe and all the night, he soaked better.
Enjoy your meal!

рулет мимоза

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