Roll from lavash with red fish.

Roll from lavash and red fish – a great festive snack that can become a real decoration of the table.


400g smoked or salted salmon

2 pcs  lavash

1 medium-sized piece of the Bulgarian pepper

150g low-fat mayonnaise

300g cream cheese or feta

1 green beam

2 cloves garlic

Put a sheet of thin pita bread on the table and lubricate it with cream cheese. If you got one of the hard cheeses, it can be pre-rub, and then publish them to the entire surface of pita.

Then chop the dried and washed greens, sprinkle with its layer of cheese, as laid on top of chopped garlic.

Finely cut the red fish.

And red fish “hiding” the second lavash. He smeared a small amount of mayonnaise, sprinkle with herbs and diced pepper.

Make the necessary form lavash roll with red fish is easiest using plastic wrap.

The finished dish should soak, better leave it in the refrigerator. Saturate two hours. After that, we will cut with a sharp knife roll into portions.

Make it better before serving dishes to the table, and you can decorate it with a variety of vegetables.


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