Risotto firsthand. Lessons from the master

Risotto firsthand. Lessons from the master

Talking about Italian cuisine can be infinite, love it – immensely, but there is really “Italian” is possible only in Italy.

We will prepare an Italian dish – risotto.

Basically there is only one – rice variety. It should be Arborio (there is in any good supermarket) or Carnaroli (this is more difficult, but also is not essential) – a specifically Italian varieties, they have a beautiful translucent grains with a solid core. All! The rest depends on you – how much you will be able to feel the idea of the dish, understand and implement. Otherwise, turn the banal rice porridge (which, incidentally, is also quite good, but a completely different genre).

I love risotto and cook often. But it turns out, alas, not always. Therefore, to be a master class chef Pietro Rongoni, the restaurant La Serenata.

Risotto firsthand. Lessons from the master

In Moscow, Pietro Rongoni – Senior Specialist for risotto. He comes from northern Italy, from Milan, just there is a dish in special honor. In Moscow, at the restaurant, Pietro prepares more than 50 different risottos: with pumpkin and red wine sauce barollo, with artichokes, shrimp and saffron, with cuttlefish, with carrots, even with strawberries …

This time he has prepared a risotto with sweet peppers and Gorgonzola.


1. Pan to the risotto should be deep, with high margins – it was convenient to get in the way. Here it can be clearly seen:


2. Finely chop onion half and throw it on the hot frying pan with olive oil. Fry.

3. Bulgarian pepper (a colorful, to be beautiful!), Cut into strips, toss in the onions in the pan, passiruem few minutes.


4. Now go to sleep right in the pan rice – in any case, not washing. Actively stir until the rice absorbs the juice from the vegetables.

5. The next stage – a dry white wine. Pour it into the hot rice and interfere again and interfere as long as the alcohol evaporates.

6. And now begin to pour into the rice hot vegetable soup – a little, small ladles. If the risotto with seafood, fish soup can be. If the vegetable – the vegetable or chicken.

Risotto Risotto

7. Slowly add the broth, and all the time interfere, interfere, interfere. Fire under the pan was quite strong, even the rice stuck to the bottom. Disturbing, Pietro make an effort. In addition, it was impossible to break away for a moment.

Stir need to quickly …

8. Pietro all the time trying to figure – ready or not How do you know when to stop? Rice should be soft, not wet, but not tenderized in porridge, resilient. Starch which was isolated from grains with broth creating pleasant cream base.

9. When the rice was almost ready, Pietro put him large chunks of Gorgonzola cheese, stir until the cheese is melted and not melted – and removed the pan from the heat. A few minutes returned to stand under the lid – and everything began to spread on plates.

Then, Pietro prepared three risotto – with ink and cuttlefish meat, carrots and saffron.


 And I know that I will be on Saturday for dinner..


Arborio or Carnaroli Rice – 200 g
Wine – 100 ml
Onion – half the average bulb
Bulgarian pepper – to half of the red, yellow and green Perchina
Olive oil – 20 g
Vegetable Bouillon – 500-600 ml
Gorgonzola Cheese – 150 g

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