Rice with chicken – Arroz con polo.

Arroz con pollo, or rice with chicken – one of the national dishes in South America. Variants of the national dishes, as always, are countless.
1 chicken 1.5 kg (8 bedryshek)
1 medium onion
1 carrot
1 sweet red pepper
100 grams of green peas (can be frozen)
500 g long-grain rice
100ml dry white wine
2 cloves garlic
Roars hot pepper (chili) to taste
1/2 tsp ground cumin (jeera)
salt pepper
50 ml of a neutral vegetable oil for frying
0.5 liters of chicken stock

1. Chicken cut into 8 pieces, each piece pierce in several places with a knife, rub with crushed garlic, salt and pepper, add the cumin and hot pepper, pour the wine and marinate for 15-30 minutes. A couple of times to turn.
2. chicken pieces dry with paper towels and fry in the hot vegetable oil strongly in a wide pan with a thick bottom until golden brown. Lay on a plate and set aside.
3. Vegetables cut into cubes of about 1×1 cm. Frozen peas can not be thawed.
4. In the same fat, which are fried chicken, spassirovat over high heat, onions and carrots, stirring constantly, then add the peppers and peas at the end. Vegetables should remain slightly crunchy and not lose shape.
5. Add the rice in a saucepan and mix with vegetables and lightly fry, so he soaked juice and oil.
6. Put the chicken pieces in Fig.
7. Pour the broth is well salted so that it covers the rice by 1 cm. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat to the weakest and simmer, tightly covered for about 30 minutes. Check the readiness of rice. If necessary, add a little broth and keep on the heat for another 10 minutes.
8. Remove the chicken pieces, mix gently rice spatula, grabbing at the bottom. At the bottom of it lightly and pripechetsya pobureet – as it should be. Serve with a slice of lemon or lime.


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