Red Salad

Red Salad.

-cherry tomatoes 20 pieces.
-red pepper, 1 large piece.
-pomegranate 1 pc.
-red onion 1 piece.
-cilantro (You can even put the parsley) taste
-olive oil (petrol) to taste
-vinegar or lemon juice (dressing) to taste
-Black pepper (sauce) to taste
-Salt (sauce) to taste
-grainy mustard (petrol) to taste

Pepper bake in oven until black and clear
Cut it into cubes or strips
Onions cut into half rings
Tomatoes in half
Chopped cilantro Chalk
In bowl combine all ingredients
Pour the sauce and stir well
Leave for 15 minutes for a salad soaked
note: You can add to this salad feta cheese or

салат закуска красное трио

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