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Tomato soup with rice and seafood

Tomato soup with rice and seafood Tomato soup rice seafood always look very elegant and come thoughts of summer. Our version of tomato soup with seafood until fragrant, it is bound to cause you the association with the Mediterranean coast. Do not deny yourself the pleasure, be sure to cook it.

Green beans recipes

Green beans recipes Three Green beans recipes and healthy dishes from– beans. Recipes from it is very simple, affordable and fast.

sorrel soup

sorrel soup In the season of all kinds of vegetables and greens will cook something sort of happily-spring-and appetizing useful. Come join shall weld sorrel soup from the first green.

Corn soup with mussel meat

Corn soup with mussel meat Previously, the mussels were considered food of the poor, now they are considered a delicacy, however, unlike the others, is quite affordable. From ancient times people used the Mediterranean mussels in folk medicine. And not without reason. The meat of the shellfish contains high amounts of proteins, mineral salts and […]

Borscht. Russian cuisine

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Borscht. The way to the heart of any man lies through the borscht …! Borsch is the same temptation, to which he can not stand virtually no one man. Moreover, the soup tied a man to a woman for ages. Recipes borscht huge amount, almost as much as the women, who know how to cook […]