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Stewed shrimp kadzhin

Stewed shrimp kadzhin In the Mediterranean, this dish is prepared in a special pit in the back yard. You can do multivarka or device for Suvid spending at all about all about four hours, during which you can take yourself anything.

Polenta with shrimp stew from Mario Batali

Polenta with shrimp stew from Mario Batali Once upon a time the polenta was a typical Italian food of the poor, today a dish of corn flour with all sorts of additions firmly established in the repertoire of many institutions worldwide. Today we are going to cook polenta with shrimp ragout prescription of Mario Batali, […]

Shrimps with avocado sauce

Shrimps, avocado, sauce

Shrimps with avocado sauce. The recipe is very simple to prepare, you will need 5 minutes and a good blender. In Mexico it is called guacamole from Ahuacatl = «avocado» + molli = «sauce» There are many options for making this sauce, which differ in a variety of ingredients, as well as the degree of […]

Thai salad with shrimps

INGREDIENTS 24 raw tiger prawns a handful of any lettuce small bunch of cilantro 1 h. L. coriander seeds 1 h. L. curry powder 3 tbsp. l. vegetable oil salt pepper

Salad with squid and chickpeas

Ingredients: Kalmar — 500g Nut — 200g Salad — 200g Zucchini — 200g Lemon — 40 g Olive oil — 40 ml Chili pepper — to taste Smoked paprika — to taste Salt — to taste Preparation: